Successful Swap Day 2015!

DSC01210The city of Melrose held its third annual Swap Day, on Saturday, September 26, and it was a smashing success. Organized by the Melrose Department of Public Works and the Melrose Recycling Committee—with the co-sponsorship of Birth to Five—Swap Day 2015 drew a big crowd of people who were looking to drop off items they no longer needed, looking to pick up items that could be useful around the house, or just looking. There was something for everyone.

At its simplest, the purpose of the city’s annual Swap Day is to keep useful stuff out of the municipal solid waste landfill (or incinerator). “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure” is the guiding principal: Household items that may no longer be useful to you—children’s clothes and toys, for example—could be useful to someone on a tight budget, or someone who’s simply thrifty, or believes in recycling. Swap Day gives these items and extended life and helps reduce the volume of stuff sent to our waste disposal facilities.

Whether you were on a major “decluttering” initiative, or simply trying to find a home for some of those kitchen items that have piled up, or looking for some nice clothes for a new member of the family, or just searching for some goods that could serve an unmet need, the municipal parking lot behind Memorial Hall and the Main Street Fire Station was the place to be on Saturday.DSC01217
People started arriving with their items as the event started at 8 a.m., and many stayed to see what else might arrive and prove attractive. You didn’t have to drop anything off to take something away. You were doing your city a favor!

Baby clothes were especially popular, but men’s and women’s clothes were snatched up as well, and the movement of items at the kitchenware, sporting goods and toys, and “miscellaneous” tables was also brisk. When the closing bell rang (figuratively) at noon, the tables were well picked over—and fortunately, Big Brother/Big Sister was able to take all the remaining items away. Once again, Melrose residents can feel satisfied that they did well by doing good.

The Recycling Committee would like to extend its thanks to volunteers from co-sponsor Birth to Five, the Melrose Public Library, Melrose High School, and Sustainable Melrose for their assistance in making things run so smoothly on Saturday. And of course, many, many thanks to the DPW crew that was on hand all morning to set up the tables and tents, answer questions, test electronic items, and break things down at the conclusion.

Given the great success of this year’s event, rest assured that the Recycling Committee and DPW will be organizing another Swap Day in 2016. Stay tuned—and hold on to that stuff!