Fourth Annual Swap Day a Success despite the Weather

swap-day-2016-01On a cool, wet morning, Melrose citizens turned out in good numbers for the city’s fourth annual Swap Day, which was held at the City Hall parking lot on Saturday, October 1. The attendees weren’t disappointed, as they had a wide range of goods, from children’s, women’s, and men’s clothing to books and household items, to choose from.

Early wind and rain prompted one Melrose Recycling Committee volunteer to dub the event “Swamp Day,” but the wind died down, the rain turned into a drizzle and then a mist, and temperatures held in the mid- to upper 50s. swap-day-2016-03Undeterred, many people came early to drop off a wide variety of items, and some stayed to see what was available to fulfill various needs. As the morning progressed, many more Melrose citizens came out, and while the weather perhaps kept participation low compared with Swap Day 2015, attendance was solid.

Children’s clothing was a particularly popular draw, as Melrose continues to attract young families. Women’s clothing moved well too, as did books. Meanwhile, the kitchenware and household items table filled up early, prompting volunteers to wonder whether the table would be overloaded with unwanted stuff—but not to worry: As “smart shoppers” wandered in, items from glassware and vases to swivel chairs and even a small refrigerator were snapped up.swap-day-2016-04

The event was run by the Melrose Department of Public Works and the Melrose Recycling Committee, in partnership with Birth to Five. A special part of the event this year was a bicycle swap sponsored by the Melrose Pedestrian & Bicycle Advisory Committee.swap-day-2016-02 Several bikes were dropped off, and nearly all were taken away by Melrose citizens wanting to feel the burn of a nice bike ride.