DPW 2019 Calendar Features Second Swap Day

Start saving your reusable items now. This year, you’ll have more opportunity to help them find a new home.

The Melrose Department of Public Works (DPW) has released its 2019 schedule for curbside trash and recycling collection and special events, and the schedule has an addition that should be exciting news for Melrose residents. During 2019, DPW will be offering not one but two Swap Day events—in the early fall, as it has done for the past several years, but also in the spring. The scheduling of the second Swap Day is to a great extent a response to public demand for additional opportunities to exchange usable household items rather than throw them out.

The 2019 Swap Days, organized by the Melrose Recycling Committee (MRC) with the support of DPW, are scheduled for June 15 and September 28. Both events will take place in the City Hall parking lot, as they have in years past. DPW and MRC will provide more detail on acceptable items as the dates approach.

Also on the 2019 calendar are two household hazardous waste collection events. As in recent years, the City of Melrose is collaborating with its neighbor, Stoneham, in these events. The first HHW collection day will be on Saturday, June 29, most likely at Stoneham High School. The second HHW collection day will on October 26 at the Melrose DPW Yard on Tremont Street. Both events will be open to the residents of both cities; the Melrose event is also likely to be open to residents of other towns, at a fee structure to be determined. Check back with the DPW (https://www.cityofmelrose.org/trash-recycling) or MRC (https://melrecyclingcommittee.wordpress.com/) to obtain information about collection hours, fee structures and a list of acceptable items as the dates approach.

The full schedule of recycling events is as follows:

• April 20: motor oil/gas/antifreeze drop-off
• May 18: paper shredding (with JRM, the city’s waste contractor)
• June 15: Spring Swap Day
• June 29: hazardous waste collection (Stoneham)
• September 21: motor oil/gas/antifreeze drop-off
• September 28: Fall Swap Day
• October 19: rigid plastics drop-off
• October 26: hazardous waste collection (Melrose)

During the Saturday events on April 20, May 18, September 21, and October 19, Melrose residents will be able to drop off tires (for a fee), electronic products (fee for TVs and monitors), and other items. These items, which are listed along with any associated fees on the calendar, can also be dropped off at the DPW Yard during the week. Tires and electronic products will not be acceptable for drop-off during the HHW collection events.

The DPW 2019 calendar also specifies the dates for curbside collection of yard waste and Christmas trees, as well as metal products (for which stickers must be purchased in advance).

The Melrose Recycling Committee, an all-volunteer organization, extends is deepest appreciation to the Melrose DPW for its dedication to curbside recycling, and to providing opportunities for Melrose residents to properly dispose of hard-to-recycle items that cannot go into the curbside bins. Our DPW is working hard to make recycling work well and bring benefits to the City of Melrose.


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