Committee Members

Nikki Blades

Nikki is new to the committee and is keen to use her skills as an attorney to help make Melrose a “greener” community.  She is a member of the Single-Use Bag Subcommittee and always ensures that she has spare reusable bags in the trunk of her car for those unplanned shopping trips!  When she is not at work, she is kept busy with her two young boys who enjoyed participating in the recent Ell Pond cleanup in Melrose.

Jill Geisler

Jill has been an off-and-on member of the Recycling Committee since she and her family moved to Melrose in 1994. Jill grew up in California, went to college in Massachusetts, and settled in Stoneham, where she became involved in the city’s Solid Waste Advisory Committee. She also started a recycling initiative in the Stoneham elementary schools through the Stoneham Girl Scouts.

Clark Kerry

Clark Kerry is a long time Melrose resident who has been a member of the Recycling Committee since day one. He is semi-retired and spends his free time volunteering for various organizations in Melrose.

Trudy MacDonald

Trudy has lived in Melrose since 1980. She joined the Recycling Committee’s Single-Use Plastic Bag Subcommittee in 2016 and is committed to “caring for our common home because there is no Planet B.”

Jeana McNeil

Jeana joined the committee in 2014 to help promote waste reduction and recycling, and contribute to the Melrose community. She became interested in recycling through her work in market research, and has studied recycling and sustainability issues on behalf of government and business entities. Jeana looks forward to working with residents, government and the business community to reduce waste and improve recycling. She is the leader of the Single Use Bag subcommittee.

Robin Snyder-Drummond

Staying true to her mother’s wisdom–“ecology action won’t work unless you do”–Robin has served on recycling committees in almost every city in which she has lived and enjoys seeing what a group of diverse people can accomplish. She is an IBCLC Lactation Consultant, visiting new families–all part, in her words, of a “motivation for keeping the planet healthy.”

George Stubbs

George Stubbs has been a volunteer for the Melrose Recycling Committee since the late 1980s. He is a retired writer and reporter, having worked primarily for a journal covering the environmental services industry. His interests include birding, hiking, kayaking, reading, and playing the guitar.

Dana Webber

Dana Webber has been a Recycle Committee member since 2013. She works for City of Boston in the Human Resources Department  in Management Training and lives in Ward 5.

Jim Wilson

Jim Wilson has been a Recycle Committee member since 2013. He is a retired chemist and lives in Ward 5.

Volunteer Interns