Get Involved

Join the Melrose Recycling Committee

The Melrose Recycling Committee is looking to recruit volunteers for some the following activities: working at Saturday recycling events, tabling at community events, working on education campaigns, organizing the annual Swap Day and more. All types of volunteers are welcome, including those who only want to volunteer a few times per year and those who want to be very active by attending monthly meetings and participating in many activities.

If you’ve ever wanted to get involved in the recycling scene in Melrose, now is the time. Joining the committee is a great way to play an active role in the community and make a difference in reducing our environmental impact.


The Melrose Recycling Committee meets the first Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. at the Melrose Public Library.

To view meeting agendas and minutes, click here.

Be an Event Volunteer!

If you don’t have time to commit to joining the committee but are interested in what we do, then sign up to be an event volunteer. You will be emailed when volunteers are needed at events such as Swap Day, Healthy Melrose Fair and many more. Sign up below!

Student/Internship Opportunities

The Recycling Committee always welcomes students to volunteer for the Committee throughout the year. The Solid Waste and Recycling Coordinator and the Energy Efficiency Manager coordinate the annual summer Environmental Projects Internship program which aids the Recycling Committee among other tasks. For information about both opportunities, contact the Committee here.

Current Subcommittees

Apartment & Business Recycling

The Apartment and Business Recycling Subcommittee intends to promote recycling in Melrose apartment complexes and businesses. With respect to apartments, the committee will work with individual residents to persuade their landlords to begin a recycling program. To this end, the committee will advise residents and provide them with guidance, information about recycling, haulers and successful programs at other Melrose apartment complexes.

The committee intends to approach individual businesses seeking some that might be interested in recycling. The committee sees this a purely a voluntary choice, which it hopes to incentivize via various pathways. As with apartments, the committee will provide assistance, information and guidance to businesses considering recycling. For more information, go to the apartments and businesses page in resources.

Resident Recycling Improvement

The Resident Recycling Improvement Subcommittee seeks to improve the overall recycling rate among residents for whom the City picks up curbside recycling and trash. We will gather and analyze data on recycling barriers, educate residents and encourage more recycling through various campaigns. Go to the Resident Recycling Improvement page for more information.


The Compost Subcommittee’s goal is to promote composting and food waste reduction in Melrose by providing educational and functional resources to citizens. Subcommittee members are learning about strategies for reducing food waste, the logistics of home composting, and some are even conducting food waste audits in their own kitchens! One of our current projects involves developing educational activities and informational materials for upcoming community fairs and making them permanently available in public venues. In the long term, we continue to look into the possibility of a curbside composting program. For more information, go to the compost page in resources.

Single Use Bag Reduction

The Single Use Bag Reduction Subcommittee is exploring options for reducing Melrosians’ consumption of single use bags and plastic film. These materials exert a huge, lasting environmental and health impact and are largely unnecessary. Initiatives include reducing demand by impacting consumer awareness and education, limiting access to single use bags through voluntary or mandatory initiatives with the business community and increasing recycling of these materials. For more information, go to the Single Use Bag Reduction page in resources.


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