Swap Day

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Get ready for Fall Swap Day — September 28, 2019 

The skies smiled upon Melrose on Saturday, June 15, the first of two Swap Day events this year. Clear blue sky and perfect temperature brought out the crowds–those who are trying to de-clutter their homes, those who were looking to add to their kitchen, wardrobe, office, or other areas of living space, and those who were doing a bit of both.

It was a joy to see children trying out toys and adults expressing their delight in finding an item that fulfilled a long-deferred need. One women who was looking for items to donate to disaster-stricken communities could hard contain her gratitude.

Swap Day 2019 pic 1Many thanks to the Melrose Department of Public Works (DPW) for helping to organize a flawless event, and to the Big Brother Big Sister Foundation for taking away leftover items. And to all Melrose residents who chose to donate and reuse and divert so many items from landfills and incinerators.Swap Day 2019 pic 2


Blog article with photos of previous Swap Day .

Here are some helpful pointers and tips that were presented at the Sally Frank’s Farmer’s Market on September 3, 2015 by Clever Girl Organizing.

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